Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara Grants $100,000 to Children and Family Resource Services; Funds will provide training for 24 Promotores

Children and Family Resource Services (CFRS), a non-profit organization under the Santa Barbara County Education Office (SBCEO), is grateful for the generous grant of $100,000 from the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara. These funds will provide training and support for 24 Promotores to become certified as Family Health Navigators. Promotores are Spanish-speaking volunteers trained and empowered to overcome cultural barriers that prevent people from accessing health, social, and government services.

“We appreciate the extraordinary investment by the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara’s in the Promotores Network and our community,” said Dr. Susan Salcido, Superintendent, Santa Barbara County Schools. “Our county’s students and families benefit from the connections made through this trusted and robust network.”

“This funding allows us to expand our services throughout Santa Barbara County. With every newly trained promotora, we can serve an additional 100 people,” said MaryEllen Rehse, Executive Director, CFRS. “We are grateful to the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara for their financial support and confidence in our mission to serve our Spanish-speaking community.”

Each promotora serves about 100 community members referred through existing networks such as churches, workplaces, friends, and family. The Promotores Network also serves as a liaison with health and social service organizations and was recently recognized with a 2020 Latino Legacy award for their extraordinary work.

The Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara is a volunteer-led collective donor organization that enables women to combine their charitable dollars into significant grants addressing the critical needs of women, children, and families in south Santa Barbara County. In addition, the Women’s Fund of Santa Barbara educates and inspires women to engage in making lasting change in our community.

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