Update on Vaccines For TK-12 Education and Childcare Staff in Santa Barbara County

During the week of March 1, 2021,  public school districts, charter, and private school education staff in Santa Barbara County have access to approximately 1,100 vaccination appointments set aside by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department in conjunction with Lompoc Valley Medical Center.

The process for TK-12 education staff to access appointments for vaccines this week is as follows.  Individual appointments must be made upon invitation from a school district, charter or private school and are being coordinated with all public districts, charters schools and private schools in Santa Barbara County by the Santa Barbara County Education Office:

  • Specific invitations for vaccine appointments are being distributed through the local school districts, charter and private schools this week.  Due to the vaccine shortage, the first grouping of vaccines has been allocated for those individuals serving our most vulnerable students who require support that does not allow for physical distancing, are medically fragile, and are often unable to wear masks.

  • After those appointments are filled, a second round of vaccine appointments will be provided for eligible staff with significant contact with others in-person, and/or close proximity to others, and mixing across multiple stable groups and/or locations.  Each district, charter or private school will determine, for their context, which staff are included in this group.  This process will continue for this week until the approximately 1,100 vaccine appointments have been scheduled.

  • Invitations to schedule an appointment will be distributed by districts, charter and private schools.  Once an invitation is received, instructions on how to schedule and register will be provided.

  • There may be information circulating that an alternate path for making appointments is through 2-1-1.  This is inaccurate.  In conjunction with the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department, appointments for TK-12 education staff must be made through an invitation process by the district, charter or private school.  Please do not call 211 to schedule an appointment.

  • For the week of March 1, appointments may only be made with an invitation from a school district, charter or private school.

Vaccination plans for TK-12 education staff have not yet been announced for appointments after March 4, 5, and 6.   Vaccination appointments for childcare staff and higher education employees are being handled through a separate process and more details will be released by the Santa Barbara County Public Health Department at a later date.