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Student mathletes compete in 37th annual Math Super Bowl competition

Math Super Bowl 2022


May 31, 2022

More than 300 of the top 4th-6th grade math students from across the county participated in the annual arithmetic showdown



SANTA BARBARA, CA - The 37th annual Math Super Bowl competition took place outdoors at the Earl Warren Showgrounds on Tuesday, May 31, 2022. More than 300 4th-6th grade students from 30 public and private schools throughout Santa Barbara County competed.  

Participants were teams of 4th, 5th, and 6th graders representing the brightest young mathematicians.

The competition is an event coordinated by Cold Spring School, Montecito Union School, Peabody Charter School, and the Santa Barbara County Education Office.  

In this year’s competition, students were given a two-part individual test, a 30-minute team test, and a hands-on engineering activity. They were tested on a variety of concepts and rich problem solving tasks. For the hands-on engineering activity, teams were challenged to see who could build the tallest structure out of just sheets of paper and tape.

Jeff Linder, Math Specialist at Montecito Union School and Math Super Bowl organizer said: “After canceling the past two years, it was so great to see 30 schools from around Santa Barbara County come together again to compete in the Math Super Bowl. This was our first time hosting the event outside and the beautiful Santa Barbara weather did not disappoint. Once COVID settles down, we hope to return inside, but it was worth battling the slight breeze to ensure the event could take place safely. The current 6th graders had the event canceled the last two years, and I am so grateful they had at least one opportunity to compete.” 

Ellen Barger, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction for the Santa Barbara County Education Office, was on hand to announce winners and congratulate the students. “Competitions are especially important for elementary students discovering the fun and wonder of mathematics. They contribute to a team, ideate about interesting problems, and develop problem solving strategies. As a result, our mathletes gain curiosity, connections, and imaginative capacity that transcend the competition. The excitement and camaraderie are palpable.”

Congratulations to all of the participants! See the full list of winners below.

Overall school winners

  • 1st: Mountain View School
  • 2nd: Washington Elementary
  • 3rd: Kellogg Elementary
  • 4th: Peabody Charter School
  • 5th: Montecito Union School
  • 6th: Isla Vista Elementary

Overall individual winners by grade-level

4th grade

  • 1st: Bryant Zhang, Mountain View School
  • 2nd: Lacie Sykes, Mountain View School
  • 3rd: Scofield McLean, Montecito Union School
  • 4th: Alex Yang, Peabody Charter School
  • 5th: Shaun Lin, Montecito Union School and Sebastian Husein, Peabody Charter School
  • 6th: Brody Gauthier, Crane Country Day School and Cody Walker, Washington Elementary

5th grade

  • 1st: Shayan Sen-Mostofi, Isla Vista Elementary
  • 2nd: Jacob Ludkovski, Hope Elementary School and Ava Zhang, Mountain View School
  • 3rd: Leo Vigna, Cold Spring School / Marcello Bullo, Isla Vista Elementary / Seungyoo Kim-Jung, Kellogg Elementary / Elisha Wu, Kellogg Elementary / Alex Visueta, Peabody Charter School
  • 4th: Felix Manlapig, Hollister Elementary and Nicolas Holve, Washington Elementary
  • 5th: Devon Fitzgibbons, Kellogg Elementary
  • 6th: Miranda Li, Kellogg Elementary and Anwen Meyer, Montecito Union School

6th grade

  • 1st: Elena Beckman, The Knox School
  • 2nd: Jasmine Marolf, Washington Elementary and Mila Slijepcevic, Peabody Charter School
  • 3rd: Matthew Sullivan, Mountain View School / Josie McClain, Washington Elementary / Skyler Kennedy, Kellogg Elementary / Malcolm Gray, The Knox School
  • 4th: Pieter Byl, Isla Vista Elementary
  • 5th: Reid Powers, Montecito Union School and Abby Herbst, Monte Vista School
  • 6th: Ari Ludkovski, The Knox School / Fletcher Prince, Montecito Union School / Lauren Faletti, Montecito Union School

School winners by grade-level

4th grade

  • 1st: Mountain View School
  • 2nd: Peabody Charter School
  • 3rd: Washington Elementary
  • 4th: Kellogg Elementary
  • 5th: Crane Country Day School
  • 6th: Montecito Union School

5th grade

  • 1st: Kellogg Elementary
  • 2nd: Isla Vista Elementary
  • 3rd: Mountain View School
  • 4th: Washington Elementary
  • 5th: Montecito Union School
  • 6th: Hope Elementary

6th grade

  • 1st: The Knox School
  • 2nd: Washington Elementary
  • 3rd: Montecito Union School
  • 4th: Peabody Charter School and Mountain View School
  • 5th: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School
  • 6th: Isla Vista Elementary

Hands-on engineering project winners

4th grade

  • 1st: Kellogg Elementary
  • 2nd: La Patera Elementary
  • 3rd: Canalino School
  • 4th: Brandon Elementary
  • 5th: Roosevelt Elementary
  • 6th: Hollister Elementary

5th grade

  • 1st: Mountain View School
  • 2nd: La Patera Elementary
  • 3rd: Monte Vista School
  • 4th: Hollister Elementary and Vieja Valley Elementary
  • 5th: Ellwood School
  • 6th: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School and Kellogg Elementary

6th grade

  • 1st: The Riviera Ridge School
  • 2nd: Cold Spring School
  • 3rd: Peabody Charter School
  • 4th: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School and Ellwood School
  • 5th: Vieja Valley Elementary
  • 6th: Montecito Union School and Adams Elementary

According to the organizers, Providence School was welcomed as a first-time competitor in the Bowl, and Ballard Elementary, Manzanita Public Charter, Buena Vista Elementary, and Santa Ynez Elementary came to compete from North County, where no event was held this year due to COVID.

Media contact:
Camie Barnwell
Santa Barbara County Education Office, Director of Communications | 805.696.0064