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  • Welcome Every Baby Family Connects

    Welcome Every Baby Family Connects is a free evidence-based, nurse home visitation program for all families with newborns in Santa Barbara that aren't already enrolled in a nurse home visitation program. Welcome Every Baby (WEB) began providing home visits in Santa Barbara County in 2001. In 2018 WEB became certified in the evidence-based Family Connects home visitation protocol and is now known as Welcome Every Baby Family Connects (WEB FC). 

    Welcome Every Baby Family Connects provides one to three postpartum nurse home visits within the first 3 months of a newborn's life regardless of socioeconomic status. Using tested screening tools, the nurse measures newborn and maternal health and assesses strengths and needs to link the family to community resources.

    Research shows that 95 percent of all families have needs after the birth of a child. These needs are unique to each family. Welcome Every Baby Family Connects bridges the gap between parents and community resources and has been shown to improve family well-being, including reducing emergency medical care for infants and improving parent behavior and child care selection.

    Our Vision: All Santa Barbara County Infants and their families are welcome members of our commuity and thrive in safe and nurturning homes.

    Our Mission: To provide screening, education, support and referral services to all infants and their families in Santa Barbara County through comprehensive, family-centered, voluntary, culturally appropriate services.

    The Goals of Welcome Every Baby Family Connects:

    • Connect with every family in their home after the birth of a newborn.
    • Offer supportive guidance to families, responding specifically to questions about care of the parent(s) and newborn, lactation and emotional well-being.
    • Link families to community services based on their individual needs and preferences.
    • Help new parents connect with their infant, supporting child development and improving overall family well-being.

    In order to achieve these goals, the Family Connects International model goes beyond just provision of nurse home-visits, it ensures that Community Alignment and Data and Monitoring are incorporated in the process. 

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  • MaryEllen Rehse
    CFRS Administrator/Executive Director
    (805) 964-4710, ext. 4465

    Traile Easland
    WEB Nurse manager
    Phone: (805) 729-1593
    Fax: (805) 682-9016

    Office Address:
    3970 La Colina Rd. Suite 2
    Santa Barbara, CA 93110
    Phone: (805) 729-1593
    Fax: (805) 682-9016


  • WEB RN with mom and baby