From Dr. Susan Salcido

  • Dr. Susan Salcido

    Dear SBCEO Family,

    While our work sites span many unique locations these days, we are together in spirit, with gratitude and hope for the future.   While we miss being together in person, we are thinking about our SBCEO family every day.

    We thank our employees who continue to work on our campuses because the nature of your work requires you to be on site.   We thank everyone working remotely for your contributions to SBCEO – and to one another – during this pandemic.  The County Education Office, like every local educational agency, is an essential operation.  Each of our divisions and programs continues with internal processes and external supports to districts.  It is so impressive and genuinely humbling to see everyone in action, around the clock, performing essential work in significantly different ways.  Please know you and your efforts are recognized, felt, valued, and appreciated.

    This journey is truly a team effort, and I am so proud of how our SBCEO family has come together during this challenging time.    Your optimism, care, collegiality, creativity, and support matters in so many significant ways.

    In closing, THANK YOU to the KIT team, and all who contributed, for bringing us together once again.


Let's Get Social

  • Join us for a "Coffee Break" Friday, April 10 at 3pm

    A collaboration between the North and South SBCEO Social Committees, our first virtual “Coffee Break” on April 3 was a cheery success. The end-of-week opportunity to see some of our favorite familiar faces was made especially entertaining and informative, thanks to a special performance by Keith Cox and a helpful (and glittery!) demonstration by Hermie Garate! All SBCEO staff are invited to join us via Zoom April 10, April 24, and May 8, at 3 p.m. for an optional, casual and fun gathering - register for the Zoom event here. Events are limited to the first 100 participants.

Share the Love - Helping Each Other

  • Date Entry


    I'm a child care assistant at Young Learner's Preschool . I can offer computer data entry assistance from home if anyone needs it.

    (805) 7431770

  • If you'd like to offer assistance...

    Click add "NEW POST" at the bottom of this section and briefly describe your offering along with your phone number or email.  If you'd prefer the KIT team to upload it, please email

  • Connecting

    If you would like to have a phone call with a co-worker, please contact Sharon Van Gundy (  If you'd like to have a phone call or video chat, contact Karyn Montgomery ( or an ASL conversation with Scott Miller ( 

  • Learning

    For help using Zoom, contact Trent Casberg ( or Jennifer Stancliff (

    To learn about making soups or muffins, contact Marilee Gadler Bell (

    To learn about making homemade hand sanitizer or theraputic essential oil blends, contact Charmaine Hauber (

  • Shopping

    If you need help with shopping, contact MaryEllen Rehse (, Chyelin Andreadakis (, Heather Park (, Marilee Gadler Bell (, or Scott Miller ( 

Good News!

  • image of mask delivery

    Dwight Staggs had the privilege of dropping off 2,400 N95 masks to the Office of Emergency Management from SBCEO. We were thrilled to be able to help out.  We’re all in this together. 

    Family getting a computer

    Computers for Families has provided more than 185 free refurbished computers in the last 3 weeks alone!



Training Opportunities

  • Website Training

  • Accessibility Training

  • Zoom Training

  • Linkedin Learning