Candidate Information

  • Who is eligible?

    Participants must hold a California preliminary single, multiple, or education specialist credential and be employed part or full time as a teacher of record in Santa Barbara County. Induction should be completed within the first two years of teaching. Experienced teachers may be eligible for our Early Completion Option

    How do I enroll?

    TIP enrollment begins in the summer each school year. Enrollment is typically coordinated with the Human Resources departments of our public schools. They notify us of their potentially eligible new teachers late summer and we notify the potential candidates of the enrollment steps a few weeks before school starts. We suggest you ask about TIP participation at the time of hiring to confirm. New teachers in private schools should ask their administration about participation in TIP. If administration is unable to financially support TIP participation, interested participants may contact us directly for enrollment information and the self-pay option.

    What does TIP provide?

    • Ongoing support provided by an experienced and trained mentor
    • Opportunity to engage in meaningful inquiry related to your teaching assignment
    • Professional networking with new and experienced teachers throughout Santa Barbara County
    • Professional development books and learning opportunities available through Curriculum and Instruction
    • Option for 10 quarter units of continuing education through UCSB PaCE each year (UCSB unit fees are paid by each individual)
    • Guidance towards completion of all Professional Clear Credential requirements



TIP Program Meeting