• Collaborative Learning Team Grant Winners

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    The Collaborative Learning Team Grant is designed to support grade level or subject area teams working together at a single school site to design and implement innovative instruction in the new California State Standards.

    2020-2021 Winners: 

    Caleb Chadwick, Chase Koop, Timmy Palmer-Santa Barbara High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District
    Kids Teaching Kids

    The goal of this project is to develop a program which can be used in all high and junior high schools. This project will empower junior high students through videos created by high school students who will share projects they are working on and to also have the junior students take ownership of what they are practicing. This will be accomplished through team work and communication skills.
    Cox Communications, Anthem BlueCross, Montecito Bank & Trust, Southern California Edison

    Chris Ladwig, Catherine Borgard, Stacey Gray, and Danielle Rodriguez-Cabrillo High School, Lompoc Unified School District
    "Analyzing Interpreting Data" Lesson Study

    This team will develop a cross-disciplinary lesson sequence around a scientific practice. The Next Generation Science Standards, is "Science & Engineering Practice #4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data." This will include scaffolding students' understanding of how to properly graph data before giving students their own data set to graph. After students analyze the visual representation and make their predictations, the students will be provided with more data to add to their graph, and analyze how the new data changes their original interpretations and predictions.
    Deckers, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation

    Taylor Loria, Emily Bryan, Louise Dahlquist-Ellwood School, Goleta Union School District
    Essential Standards in ELA

    This Collaborative Team will support 5th grade students at Ellwood school by focusing on literary skills, accessing the social studies and science curriculum. The team will develop assessments that focus on the essential standards in reading comprehension. The skills assessed will be targeted in small groups either to extend, maintain or intervene. The assessments created will help to better support the students on essential learning.
    Cox Communications, Anthem BlueCross, Montecito Bank & Trust, Southern California Edison

    Donna Todaro,Sylvia Baeza, Isabelle Coulter-Clarence Ruth School, Santa Barbara Education Office
    Social Skills and Functional Communication

    This team will focus on the need of students with Autism. This team will use evidence based practices such as Social Skills Training and Functional Communication Training which details specific steps and guidelines to implement with students. This project will help all students develop their knowledge and skills needed to engage and improve their social outcomes.
     Deckers, Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation

    2019-2020 Winners: 

    Brooke Baarstad, Sharon Domingues, Neil Eckardt, and Christine Watkins- Pioneer Valley High School, Santa Maria Joint High School District
    Algebra I supplemental Curriculum

    This team of Algebra teachers will implement a new common core curriculum which supports, CPM Core Connections Algebra I book, and introduces new concepts through Desmos activities, graphic organizers, and hands-on labs.
    ExxonMobil, Altrusa International/Santa Maria

    Lisa Koppenjan, Anna Guerrero, Hannah Krieshok, Ben Rudolph, Mercy Rudolph, and Kelly Savio- Dos Pueblos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District
    Using PBLs and CAASPP Performance Tasks to Increase Student Critical Thinking Skills
    This team will create and distribute California Common Core-aligned materials for school/district-wide use in order to increase student critical thinking skills through CAASPP/Smarter Balance materials and Project Based Learning units.
    Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians, The Towbes Foundation

    Sonia Morosin, Grace Butler, Nastacia Echavarria, Sophie Fink, and Leise Thomason- Santa Barbara Charter School, Santa Barbara Unified School District
    Connecting Literature and Science in the Early Elementary Classroom

    This team will develop a series of literature based, NGSS aligned, lessons for an A and B year so that our students are exposed to all the standards, but with unique lessons.  We will post the topics, resources, and lessons on our school science website.
    A Salute to Teachers, ExxonMobil, and Lesson Planet

    Amy Woods, Sarah Ahlers, Nathan Dunlap, Nathan Dunlap, Nicole Gee, Cameron Hatcher Day, Stephen Hughes, Eric Kaufman, Jose Marquez, Athena Sims, and Tracy Womack- La Colina Junior High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District                             
    Reimagining the Six Period School Day

    This group will  examine different innovative schedules to expand elective offerings and build intervention opportunities into the school day in order to best serve all students.
    Deckers Brands, Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union

    2018-2019 Winners:

    Sarah Rochlitzer, Sarah Rochlitzer, Deb Joseph, and Van Latham- Carpinteria High School- Carpinteria Unified School District               
    California STEAM Symposium for Professional Development, supplies for Maker Space/Tinkering and Video Curriculum
    This team will create brand new curriculum and the team-teaching model. They will explore the reciprocal relationship of analog, digital art and a video element.
    Sponsors- Altrusa International, Santa Maria, ExxonMobil

    Carolyn Blum, Mercedes Barraza, Erika Cassio, Amanda David, Mary Ann Lopez, Karen Pearson, Teresa Reid, Ashley Schultz- Alvin Avenue School, Santa Maria-Bonita School District
    Schematics for (AVID) Schoolwide 
    As an AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) Elementary School, our goal is to reach an institutionalized level of implementation of AVID strategies in every classroom (TK–6).  
    Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union

    Denicia Gills, Jackie Ackerman, Torey Beerman, Lauren Dalton, Mary Howell, Eugenia Pappas, Debbie Trujillo, and Roxanne Usher- Santa Ynez Valley Charter School, College School District
    Transforming a School Culture of Mindfulness

    This team will transform the school culture through the addition of Mindfulness to the everyday teaching and lives; this will be done through Professional Development and completion of coursework from MindfulSchool.org.
    The Ellen Dempsey Memorial Grant

    Linda Sparkuhl, Libby Baker, Mary Bainou, Marika Dundore- El Camino School, Goleta Union School District
    Students Reaching Their Collective Potential Through Social Emotional Awareness

    This team will work on developing strategies and a “toolbox” for students related to Social Emotional Learning (SEL).
    Sponsors- A Salute to Teachers

    2017-2018 Winners:

    Alyssa Prieto, Michael Encke, Rigoberto Gallardo, and Francisco Diaz-Real- Lompoc High School, Lompoc Unified School District
    Assessment Overhaul and Rubric Development
    The goal is to overhaul the current MVP Math 2 assessments includes breaking each module into five main Big Ideas based on the common core state standards and creating a rubric (meant to be shared with students) that describes the learning expectations for each Big Idea. The tests will consist of five basic C level problems (one from each Big Idea) that comprise 70% of the score, and five advanced A-B level problems that comprise 30% of the score. Alyssa Prieto, Michael Encke, Rigoberto Gallardo, and Francisco Diaz-Real, Lompoc High School, Lompoc Unified School District
    Santa Barbara Teachers Federal Credit Union

    Doreen Edwards, Christina Cullen, Tanya Hansen, Leise Thomason, and Jenny Witherell, Santa Barbara Charter School, Santa Barbara Unified School District
    Storylines: Deepening Student Experience in Science and Social  Studies
    The team will collaborate to create a storyline around the social studies topic of the first people of Santa Barbara, the Chumash, and how their lives and environment have changed over time (including the introduction of the missions and the arrival of gold miners).
    Sponsors- The Ellen Dempsey Memorial Grant

    2016-2017 Winners:

    Ty Fredriks, Steve Blackie, Kristin Bornhoft, and Andrew Ciervo, Orcutt Academy High School- Orcutt Union School District
    Testing Time Across The Disciplines

    As part of our PLC’s goal of incorporating the Next Generation Science Standards into our department-wide curriculum, each of us would like to supplement our engineering practices and crosscutting concepts with units that emphasize the geologic and evolutionary time scale. 
    Sponsors- Energy Partners Fund, ExxonMobil

    Jarrod Bradley, Rob Goettler, Joshua La Forge, Andrew Osiadacz, and Todd Runkauff- San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District
    NGSS Physics Common Learning Experience Unit Development

    This team worked together to develop their own understanding of the NGSS Physics standards, activities, units and experiments in order to better prepare them for instruction for all students.
    Sponsor- The Ellen Dempsey Memorial Grant