• Bill Cirone Heart of Education Award Winners

    The Bill Cirone Heart of Education Award is an award presented by the Santa Barbara County Education Office Teachers Network. It is given in honor of retired County Superintendent of Schools, Bill Cirone, Who founded the Teachers Network in 1983.  


    Jamie DeVries & Jillian Heckman- San Marcos High School, Santa Barbara Unified School District

    Kids Helping Kids Founded by Jamie DeVries, AP Economics teacher at San Marcos High School in 2002. Headed by Jamie DeVries and Jillian Heckman, Kids Helping Kids (KHK) is a student-run, non-profit organization that has raised over $3.1 million to support other non-profit ventures locally and internationally. Together Jamie and Jillian, empower their AP Economics course students to experience, first hand, how to raise money, coordinate major events, and sponsor other organizations with the goal of helping fellow kids in need. The Kids Helping Kids mission statement reads: "Empowered students making a difference from the classroom to the community." 

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    Majorie Ledgerwood- Lompoc High School, Lompoc Unified School District

    First time recipient of the Bill Cirone Heart of Education Marjorie Ledgerwood is a special education teacher at Lompoc High School who has made significant inroads in building opportunities for students with special needs to excel in all areas of life. She is a passionate leader in her field, at her school, at the district, and in the community of educators. In addition Marjorie truly understand the spirit of sports as she serves as the head coach for the girls varsity softball team at Lompoc High School.

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